FLOE and Hewitt Roll-In Docks

Roll-In docks from Floe and Hewitt Roll a dock, a variety of materials to choose from, accessories to add, and more, St Croix Dock gives you options for the perfect boat dock for your property. Every Floe roll in dock and Hewitt Roll-A-Dock that St Croix Dock has to offer will provide your waterfront with a durable, safe dock that can give you easier access to the water for years to come. At St Croix Dock, we are dedicated to making the process as easy as possible for every customer, and we do this by helping you every step of the way, from choosing your dock to installation. See what types of roll in docks we offer below, and get started on yours! Floe roll in docks and Hewitt roll a docks are the best docks on market, stop in and let us show you why we believe this.

Floe Dock Overview