Water Sports Rentals at St Croix Dock

St Croix Dock rents Water Sports equipment!  We provide water ski rentals, wakeboard rentals, wakesurf rentals, boat towable rentals, kayak rentals, stand-up paddleboard rentals and more!

Most items can be rented alone or in packages.

Paddle Board Rentals                               $45/Day    $180/Week

Paddle Board Package**                          $55/Day   $220/Week

Single Kayak Rental                                  $40/Day    $180/Week

Single Kayak Package**                           $50/Day    $210/Week

Tandem Kayak Rental                              $60/Day    $240/Week

Tandem Kayak Package***                     $75/Day   $300/Week

Canoe Rental                                             $45/Day    $180/Week

Canoe Package***                                     $60/Day    $240/Week

Lily Pad (Swim Mat) Rental                    $60/Day    $240/Week

Wakesurf Board Rental                            $30-$60/Day    $120-240/Week

Wakesurf Board Package*                      $45-$75/Day    $180-$300/Week

Wakeboard Rental                                   $30-$60/Day    $120-240/Week

Wakeboard Package*                              $45-$75/Day    $180-$300/Week

Water Ski Rental                                      $30-$60/Day    $120-240/Week

Water Ski Packages*                                $45-$75/Day    $180-$300/Week

Wake Shapers                                            $35/Day    $140/Week

USCG Life Vest Rental                             $10/Day    $40/Week

Paddling Life Vests                                    $10/Day    $40/Week

Towables (Pull Tubes)                              $25-$60/Day    $100-$240/Week

Towable Package*                                     $40-$75/Day    $160-$300/Week

Pontoon Trailer Rentals                           $50/Hr (1 hour min)

*Package Includes Rope And 2 Life Jackets

**Package Includes Life Jacket

***Package Includes 2 Life Jackets

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