Pontoon & Watersports Rentals at St Croix Dock

Pontoon and Watersports Rentals

St Croix Dock rents pontoon boats.

St Croix Dock rents pontoon boats for individuals in the St Croix Falls and surrounding areas. We can deliver the Pontoon Boat to your lake to make the rental process easy! No need to back up or launch the boat, we will do it for you. Pontoon Boat Rentals have never been easier, have fun with the family!

Contact us for information and availability.

St Croix Dock rents Water Sports equipment!

Water Sports Rentals

Additionally, we provide water ski rentals, wakeboard rentals, wakesurf rentals, boat towable rentals, kayak rentals, stand-up paddleboard rentals and more!  Special thanks to Wakeboss for the water sports equipment.

Below is a price list, at the time of publication, of our pontoon and Watersports rentals.

Most items can be rented alone or in packages.

Paddle Board Rentals $45/Day and $180/Week

Paddle Board Package** $55/Day and $220/Week

Single Kayak Rental $35/Day and $140/Week

Single Kayak Package** $45/Day $180/Week

Tandem Kayak Rental $60/Day $240/Week

Tandem Kayak Package*** $75/Day $300/Week

Canoe Rental $45/Day $180/Week

Canoe Package*** $60/Day $240/Week

Lily Pad (Swim Mat) Rental $60/Day and $240/Week

Wakesurf Board Rental $30-$60/Day $120-240/Week

Wakesurf Board Package* $45-$75/Day $180-$300/Week

Wakeboard Rental $30-$60/Day $120-240/Week

Wakeboard Package* $45-$75/Day $180-$300/Week

Water Ski Rental $30-$60/Day and $120-240/Week

Water Ski Packages* $45-$75/Day $180-$300/Week

Wake Shapers $35/Day $140/Week

USCG Life Vest Rental $10/Day and $40/Week

Paddling Life Vests $10/Day $40/Week

Towables (Pull Tubes) $25-$60/Day $100-$240/Week

Towable Package* $40-$75/Day $160-$300/Week

Pontoon Trailer Rentals $50/Hr (1 hour min)

*Package Includes Rope And 2 Life Jackets

**Package Includes Life Jacket

***Package Includes 2 Life Jackets