FLOE Roll In Docks

If seasonal installation and removal are a concern for your waterfront, then a FLOE roll-in dock from St Croix Dock may be just what you need to make the process easier every spring and winter. Whether your waterfront needs a dock with drilled wheels for ballast to keep it locked in place or airtight wheels to provide buoyancy to ease installation and removal of docks set in dense mud, a FLOE roll in dock from St Croix Dock is the perfect addition to any waterfront. Our team has years of experience working with properties that require different styles of roll-in docks, so, when you work with us, you’ll know which roll in dock will best serve your needs. The Floe aluminum dock is the best on the market.  We also carry a variety of accessories for FLOE roll in docks.  If you are looking for a dock ladder, dock cleats, or dock bumpers, we have what you are looking for.

Benefits of a FLOE Roll In Dock

FLOE Roll In Docks have a bridge-type truss design, with a clean, sharp appearance and flush mounted Easy-Level System, that provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio available.  The Floe Roll In Dock has a spacious open design that allows waves to flow through the dock rather than pound against the dock. The Floe aluminum dock has rust resistant, flush mounted Easy-Level Leg System that can be adjusted without getting in the water.

The Floe roll in dock work well with:

  1. Medium to hard bottom, less than 1″ of mud
  2. Mild to moderate slope, less than 9′ at the end of the dock
  3. Spacious shore area to store the dock

FLOE Roll In Dock Easy-Level Leg System

Floe’s Easy Level Leg System eliminates unsafe dock sway and provide unrivaled stability. Walking on a FLOE lake dock feels like taking a stroll on a permanently built pier. FLOE’s Double Braced Easy-Level™ Wheel Kits are available in sizes that can safely accommodate water depths up to 8 1/2 feet and have a lightweight design.

Floe Dock Wheel Kits

The stability of the Floe wheel kits allow just one person to install and remove the dock.  Each section of aluminum dock has high density polymer wheels to allow the dock to roll effortlessly.  You only need to lift half the weight of a section. You can also use sand pads when you are able to leave you dock in tear round, giving you even more stability.  See the size chart below.

13″ – 30″
5″ – 23″
18″ – 45″
11″ – 39″
33″ – 61″
26″ – 54″
Extra Deep
48″ – 91″
41″ – 84″
Extra Extra Deep
70″ – 108″
63″ – 101″

Roll in dock sections and components

Sun Decks

Floe sundecks are spacious additions to your dock and come in a variety of sizes.

Shoreway Ramps

Shoreway Ramps are an excellent choice when you need additional length to the dock and also need a ramp to access the dock more easily.  The Floe aluminum dock ramp can be connected with or without wheels.

Shore-End Dock Ramps

The shore-end ramp is the most affordable option when you need a ramp to your dock.  They are lightweight and can add length to the dock. They will also pivot to match the contour of almost any shoreline.

Aluminum Dock Wedges

A dock wedge can increase you space on the dock without costing a lot.  It also makes a safer corner to your Floe docks, or allow you to attach different accessories.

Interactive Design-A-Dock

Try the Floe Docks Roll In Dock designer below, or stop in today and we can help bring it all together for you.



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Why Choose a FLOE Roll-In Dock?

A Floe roll-in dock from St Croix Dock gives you a way to get on the water by utilizing a simple-to-use dock system.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Installation/Removal
  • Durable Design
  • Simple Storage
  • Size/Layout Choices